Learning Objectives

  • U6 Learning Objectives

    Upon graduating from U6, a player should be able to do the following:
    *Identify proper places on the foot to kick the ball (e.g., not toes)
    *Dribble around stationary cones or other objects, largely using instep and/or outside of foot, not toes.
    *Execute left and right dribbling turns with at least one foot-surface, preferably outside of foot.
    *Execute at least 3 identifiable additional dribbling moves, such as dragging the ball with the base of the foot, one of the 180˚ turns, changes of speed, etc.
    *Pass and/or shoot the ball with some accuracy about 10 yards, depending on leg strength.
    *Understand the rules of the game, as applied to the U6 and U8 level. Understand blatant fouls: tripping, excessive use of hands/arms, slide tackles from behind
    *Execute a legal throw-in and know when it is done.

  • U8 Learning Objectives

    After one year of U8 play, a player should be able to do the following:
    *Reliably be able to do toe taps, pendulums, and drag the ball across the body without pressure
    *Dribble a curved path while mostly keeping head up.
    *Reliably receive a ball served at moderate pace without pressure *Reliably execute a legal throw-in
    *Understand the difference between a toed ball and a good inside-the-foot pass.

    After two years of U8 play, a player should be able to do the following:
    *Understand and execute 1-touch and 2-touch passing without pressure.
    *Reliably receive moderately paced ball on the ground under light pressure
    *Receive the ball off of at least two surfaces and look up.
    *Receive the ball and turn without losing it or going the wrong direction.
    *Juggle at least 5 consecutive touches
    *Properly execute at least one dribbling move or feint designed to beat a defender.
    *Be able to stop the ball off the dribble at will, keeping head up.
    *Understand that tactics depend on not everyone bunching up at the ball.
    *Execute a good inside-the-foot pass under pressure with the dominant foot. S/he should be able to attempt it with the other foot under pressure.
    *Understand that shoulder-to-shoulder contact when the ball is in play is ok.

  • U10 Learning Objectives

    After one year of U10 play, a player should be able to do the following:
    *Be able to beat an unskilled defender off the dribble by executing a feint or change of pace.
    *Be able to shield a ball for about 10 seconds against a comparably skilled player *Receive the ball off of several surfaces.
    *Be able to pass 10 yard accurately with the inside of the dominant foot under pressure and with both feet without pressure to a stationary teammate.
    *Execute inside and outside-of-foot turns with both feet on the dribble.
    *Execute several dribbling moves, including at least changing pace, two U-turns, and turning with inside and outside of dominant foot.
    *Execute a proper laces-driven ball with the dominant foot.
    *Execute an inside-foot pass with the dominant foot and keep running without stopping, either with a still ball or off the dribble.

    After two years of U10 play, a player should be able to do the following:
    *Receive the ball away from pressure.
    *Receive and turn smoothly.
    *Execute a gentle header.
    *Trap most low-velocity elevated balls, using chest, thigh, etc.
    *Execute additional learned dribbling moves, including at least 2 reliably under game conditions.
    *Understand and execute at least one basic tackle.
    *Understand the basic concepts of 1st and 2nd defender, 1st and 2nd attacker.
    *Understand the concept of directing an attacker by jockeying and trying to show him/her the touchline when nearby.
    *Understand and execute a shoulder charge
    *Understand and execute basic small-group keep away tactics (support, talking, etc.)
    *Juggle 10 consecutive touches at least occasionally
    *Execute a proper laces-driven ball with both feet, with the ball still (e.g., goal kick) or moving (e.g., off the dribble). Execute a laces-driven ball with at least one foot reliably under pressure.
    *Execute a basic lofted kick (chip or side of foot)
    *Be able to pass a ball 10 yards accurately to a moving teammate under pressure.
    *Understand and execute the give-and-go (wall-pass) under modest pressure.
    *Execute a basic inside-foot pass with the non-dominant foot.
    *As defender, approach a dribbling attacker with the ball at an appropriate speed and angle.
    *Understand the basics of goalkeeper rules and tactics.
    *Understand in most basic cases why contact is or is not a foul.

Soccer is a good sport for maintaining health, fitness, strength and endurance.